1.    Introduction

The purpose of the websites “”, “the” is to promote the brand © SOWIND 2012 through exchange of consumers’ ideas on the © SOWIND 2012 watches with fair and respectful attitude.


These General Conditions (hereafter the “Conditions”) govern the use of the websites “”, “the” and” (here after the “websites”), including the “GP World”, the “Press Lounge” and all other pages mentioned in the websites. The Users and Members agree to read the Conditions carefully and to abide by them.


The “Blog” (“”), is a digital journal where Members and Users can find articles about different issues in direct or indirect relation with the brand © SOWIND 2012 .


The “GP World” is the page on the website where Members have access to their own profile, can post some comment about the brand © SOWIND 2012 and where they can find the exclusive news and special events in relation to © SOWIND 2012 .   

The “Press Lounge” is the page where journalists and media can find official information about © SOWIND 2012 . The content of the © SOWIND 2012 “Press Lounge” is intended for the professional use of the press users, who can download, after subscription, into a computer and/or print a copy of the pages exclusively for professional use. Members of the “Press lounge” need to read carefully the section “Legal” on the following link:

However, the Member is not authorized to make any changes whatsoever to the websites. Moreover, the Member is forbidden from using or presenting the contents of the © SOWIND 2012 “Press Lounge” on another Internet site or in a computer network environment, for any purpose whatsoever.

A Member is every person who subscribes the field provided for this purpose on our websites. Every person can subscribe to the “GP World”, or to the “Press Lounge” or for all these sections. The subscriptions are independent of one other.

A User is every person who visits the websites without subscription.


Users and Members are asked to read the Conditions covering the use of the websites. SOWIND S.A. (here-after SOWIND) owner of the brand © SOWIND 2012 (hereafter “GP”), reserves the right to change the contents of the present condition at any time. Any new condition will take effect from the moment of its notification on the websites. User’s and Member’s acceptance of the modified Conditions will be automatically confirmed by the continued use of the websites.


2.    Use of the “GP World”  on

Any communication or material posted by the Members to the “GP World” will be treated as non-confidential, unless it is proved to be strictly personal data as defined under paragraph 3 here-below. No personal information will be visible in discussions to other Members. Personal information could also be used by SOWIND for communication purposes (sending newsletters as an example) prior Members’ authorization.


3.    Personal data

To become Members you must provide us with your personal data (here-after “Personal information”) as your name, your address, or your country. During their participation to the discussion, Members could have a "screen name". Personal information is given voluntarily with consent and knowledge. We guarantee the confidentiality of personal information. Personal information will be exclusively accessible to the duly authorized staff of © SOWIND 2012 .


At the request of Member, SOWIND undertakes to delete from its database all personal information registered prior to the request. Users who have provided personal information about will be able to access these data at any time and correct any erroneous information.

SOWIND will comply with the relevant Swiss data protection laws, so normally any personal details provided to us will not be disclosed to third parties without the Member's consent. If SOWIND is requested by authorized third parties or regulatory or governmental agencies investigating illegal activities to provide information concerning Member' activities while using the Publication, SOWIND shall do so. SOWIND will disclose Members' personal data if the SOWIND is compelled to do so by law.

All Members’ postings shall be relevant or in relation with © SOWIND 2012 timepieces or the history of the brand © SOWIND 2012 . Be aware that all information posted on the websites can be accessed by other Members. All posts will be pre-approved by the GP moderator. Inappropriate or disruptive posts by Members, as determined at the sole discretion of GP moderator, may be blocked or removed without notice.


As the management of this websites is located in Switzerland, all personal data will be kept in a data base in Switzerland.


4.    Restriction to user content

Members will not post any injure, defamatory, calumny sentences, treats, or any acts prohibited by law. Members shall not post pictures of fake or counterfeiting watches. It is prohibited incitement or instruction relating to illegal activity, infringement of other intellectual property rights (i.e. patents, trademarks, designs as well as copyright).

In case of inappropriate posting or unauthorized use of the websites, SOWIND will take all appropriate actions at its sole discretion. In this case SOWIND will be entitled to terminate a member access without prior notice.

In any case Members will not post material protected by any third party’s right without permission of the owner. Furthermore Members will not disclose by a post any confidential information protected by a contract or by the law.

Members allowed SOWIND to freely display, copy, publish or use by any manner their post without any expenses for SOWIND.


5.    Trademarks and Logos

Trademarks, logos and service brands (hereafter called "the brands ") reproduced on the websites are registered or non-registered brands belonging to SOWIND. No element of the websites should be considered as an encouragement or invitation to use the brand names published on the websites. All use of the brand names or any other part of the websites contents, not permitted by these Conditions, is strictly forbidden.


6.    Copyright

All elements published on the websites are subject to the following copyright:  ©   SOWIND SA 2012. All rights reserved.


7.    Disclaimer

SOWIND is not liable for the comments or the opinions posted by the Members. Information posted by  Members does not reflect the opinion or the policies of SOWIND. Therefore SOWIND is not liable for any damages to or viruses that may infect your computer equipment or other property on account of your access to use in the websites. SOWIND reserves the right to interrupt or discontinue any or all of the functionalities of the websites. SOWIND is not responsible for any interruption or discontinuance of functionalities of the websites. 


Users or Members of the websites will occasionally find links to transfer them, if they wish, to other Internet sites managed by third parties. These links in no way imply a guarantee of such sites on the part of SOWIND. SOWIND cannot be held responsible for the contents or the correctness of the pages of such third party sites mentioned on the websites. Users or Members of the websites consult such off-website pages and third party pages at their own risk and peril.


8.    Infringement

Members and Users will indemnify SOWIND against all damages, costs, expenses that may be suffered by SOWIND as a result of any breach of these conditions.


If Users or Members becomes aware of a violation of these Conditions, they may send a written notification of infringement to the following address:


These Conditions are governed by Swiss law. Any dispute relating to these conditions shall be solved amicably. Should this fail, the dispute shall be brought before the jurisdiction of the canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The renunciation on the part of SOWIND to pursue a violation of one of the provisions of these Conditions does not preclude its right to pursue the violation of another provision.