Ultra-thin hunter watch signed "Moulinié, Bautte & Cie", circa 1805. One of the first watches of its kind in the world. Engraved, guilloché yellow gold case decorated with enamel and different colours of gold. Enamel dial.

Florentine Ducat

Ultra-thin yellow gold Lépine watch signed "J. F. Bautte & Cie", circa 1840. Engraved, guilloché gold case and dial. The watch is fitted into an 1828 Florentine double ducat. Original tortoiseshell case and gold key.

Theatre spectacles

Theatre spectacles, signed Rossel & Fils, circa 1860. Case in yellow gold decorated with blue enamel and floral patterns in diamonds. The spectacles can be folded and take place in the case fitted with a watch. Movement with cylinder escapement.

Three Bridges

Pink gold pocket chronometer signed "Girard-Perregaux", circa 1860. Case engraved with "JJG" monogram. White enamel dial. Movement with three parallel nickel-plated bridges, tourbillon escapement. Awarded a 1st class prize from the Neuchâtel Observatory.


Enamelled yellow gold cruciform pendant-watch signed "Girard-Perregaux", circa 1870. The front of the cross is decorated with painted enamel religious motifs. The back is engraved and enamelled with the Ave Maria in Latin. White enamel dial encircled by a bezel set with brilliants. Cross-shaped movement.

Small Book

Book-shaped pendant-watch signed "Girard-Perregaux", circa 1860. Engraved yellow gold case decorated with blue enamel. Enamel dial protected by a small grill surmounted by a multicoloured medaillon. Double photograph frame inside.

La Esmeralda

"La Esmeralda", the most celebrated example of the famous Tourbillon with Three Gold Bridges, Constant Girard-Perregaux's masterpiece. 1889. Pink gold hunter watch sumptuously engraved with "CG" monogram. Enamel dial. Movement with three parallel gold bridges, a tourbillon detent escapement and gold wheel plates. This watch was reportedly given to the President of Mexico at the end of the 19th century.

Double face

Two-sided pink gold hunter pocket watch signed "Girard-Perregaux", circa 1890. Enamel dials with the hours, minutes and seconds on one side, and the days, months and lunations on the other. This watch belonged to King Farouk of Egypt.

Annual Calendar

Pink gold complicated hunter pocket watch signed "Girard-Perregaux", circa 1905. Engraved, chased dial with triple calendar (day of week, date, month) and moon phase indicator.

Vintage 1945

Original "Vintage" rectangular wristwatch, around 1945. Steel and yellow gold case, mechanical movement with manual winding.


Steel and gold chronometer, 1975. Quartz movement. Octogonal bezel and integrated bracelet. Created in the mid-70's to house the new quartz movement developed by GIRARD-PERREGAUX R&D.

GP 7000

Chronographe GP7000, mechanical with automatic winding. Steel case, late 80's. The avant-garde design of the 7000 series remains one of the most significative creations by GIRARD-PERREGAUX.